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Welcome to Amazing Self

Welcome to Amazing SelfClick Image To Visit SiteBe our guest as our self improvement experts equip you with the down-and-dirty secrets of how to achieve mastery in the 4 main areas of personal development: Wealth, Health, Relationships and Mindset. Imagine how incredible it would feel to live with greater passion and purpose, to have more self confidence, and to have the expert training that you need to experience outrageous health, love and financial success!

We’re the Managing Editors of Amazing Self, a pioneering new personal development product that has been created especially for you by a world-renowned team of the most respected experts, coaches, counselors and best-selling authors.

Instant Self-Hypnosis – Home

Instant Self-Hypnosis - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteEach audio here covers a specific self -improvement issue, beginning with motivation and going all the way through meditation, weight loss and peak performance (affirmations). The affirmations, combined with the binaural beats, makes these audios very effective if you are genuinely interested in improving yourself. If you use this website everyday, you will develop better resistance to stress as well has developing better attitudes to the areas of your life you are seeking to improve in. Just listen to the relevant audio 1 to 3 times a day.

Examples of how you can use audios on this website as helpful aids: For weight loss listen to the weight loss audio and use the achievement audio in this section for motivation. For anxiety & depression relief (not a cure) listen to the 3 Step Depression Release. To help quit smoking listen to the addiction release audio with white light visualization audio for pain relief. If you have high cholesterol then you need to consult you doctor… and as aids use the weight loss audio for better eating habits and to help you keep motivated to exercise (under guidance of a professional). Remember to use stereo headphones & set the volume at a comfortable level – once you relax you may need to lower the volume again as your ability to hear may become more sensitive as relaxation tends to enhance the senses) Sections On this site; Self-Esteem & Confidence Weight Loss Stress Relief Relationships Self-Improvement Quit Smoking Self Healing 3 Step Depression Release Creativity Enhancement Guide To Hypnosis Downloads Read more…

Brainwave Entrainment – Healing Music CD and MP3

Brainwave Entrainment - Healing Music CD and MP3Click Image To Visit SiteFrom the discovery that listening to Mozart can raise your IQ to clinical trials showing that music can improve your memory, regulate vital signs like your heart rate and blood pressure, and direct your mental and physical energy levels throughout the day, science continues to reveal music’s ability to significantly affect us in our daily lives…

Chapter 1: EnergizeChapter 2: RelaxChapter 3: FocusChapter 4: CreateChapter 5: UpliftChapter 6: HealChapter 7: Cleanse

2x4strength – If You Desire Greater Strength and Better Results

2x4strength - If You Desire Greater Strength and Better ResultsClick Image To Visit SiteThe stronger you are at a certain body weight, the more muscle you’re going to carry. And more muscle at a given body weight means less fat. Less fat means more definition. You need a program that’ll boost your strength as quickly as possible. Look no further, 2 x 4 is the ultimate program for maximum strength and muscle.

How do I know? For 6 years, I’d been struggling to reach a 600 lb deadlift. I was so close, but I could never close the gap. 2 x 4 enabled me to finally achieve this feat. My colleagues who tested out the program saw the same transformations, noticing rapid strength gains and improvements in body composition, aesthetics, and self-confidence. You deserve to experience the same rewards from your training.

Luck Engineering – Home

Luck Engineering - HomeClick Image To Visit SiteThe ONE book you NEED to READ took 20 years to complete… 14½ years to research & develop …Six months to write …

"We are pleased to inform you that your product Luck Engineering has been awarded by our portal with "5 Stars" Award. Great job, we’re really impressed!" Administration of

The Pro’s Edge – “Vision Training For Golf!”

The Pro’s Edge – “Vision Training For Golf!”Click Image To Visit SiteIt’s one of the hottest topics in sports today: sports vision training. It has helped professional golfers enhance their games and prolong their careers. And now these golf tips are available for everyone. By using eye exercises and simple visual tips, any golfer can shave strokes off his or her score — just like the pros! Many people report improvement after only one day using these fast and easy techniques.

Dr. Lawrence D. Lampert has helped pro golfers and other professional athletes improve their games. In his groundbreaking book, The Pro’s Edge, he explains how vision training will help golfers to read the greens better, putt more consistently, stroke the ball smoother, drive with more precision and lower their score.

Home – New Era Investment Systems for Casino Table Games

Home - New Era Investment Systems for Casino Table GamesClick Image To Visit SiteNEW ERA SYSTEMS FOR CASINO BACCARAT is the most informative, authoritative book about betting casino Baccarat and Mini-Baccarat available, anywhere, at any price. Betting systems completely conquer casino Mini-Baccarat. The current book will be upgraded about November 10 and have a price increase to $39.95. If you purchase or have purchased the $29.95 version, contact me and I will give you the upgrade.

NEW ERA SYSTEMS FOR CASINO BLACKJACK is the best guide to winning at casino Blackjack currently available. Blackjack is bettor interactive; decisions of the bettor can affect the chances of winning or losing a hand. The dealer can lose and still have a win. Blackjack is the toughest of winnable table games and a good betting system often does little better than breaking even. Betting systems that may succeed at other table games often fail with blackjack. You will learn to consistently profit in NEW ERA DIY SYSTEMS FOR CASINO BLACKJACK, but the margin of probable gain is less than with Baccarat, Craps or Roulette. The current version will be rewritten to increase readability. If a marked improvement in expectation (not in sight at this time) is found, the price will be increased. The current version is $29.95.