About Us

Ebooks4Me is a digital product site that recommends digital products i.e. ebooks, videos, software, programs and courses that will help people with their issues, solve their problems, or simply present opportunities that would have otherwise been missed. Each product on this site has been carefully verified so that we know that the sellers are industry experts in their area. We also check that the product has been tried, tested, and proven to be effective. Otherwise they would be taken off the market, right?

This site exists because a lot of life’s problems and opportunities (though not all) can be resolved by knowledge rather than physical items. Think about it – if you have, say, a hair loss problem, would you rather spend $50 once to get educated and learn how to solve it naturally, or spend hundreds of dollars plus long-term recurring charges for some cream or gel? What about if you wanted to learn how to insulate your home? Would you prefer learn about it from a $50 e-course and then getting natural materials for yourself, or get the professionals in and pay a fortune, including the mark-ups on their physical items?

You know what the problem with us modern day privileged people is? We have become lazy and want quick fixes to our problems! Newsflash! Most of them are band-aid solutions that do not address the root of the issue, and sweeping them under the carpet might make it worse. Here are Ebooks4Me, we want to encourage a total shift in mindset, having education at the core of problem solving. There’s a time and place for physical products and professional help (i.e. surgeries and pressing issues), but for everything else, you have to be educated about it first, and then the solution will be long-term.

Do we guarantee results?

We have to be upfront with you in saying that we do not and cannot guarantee results. Why? Because there are many cases when people will buy stuff, not use it and expect results. Will this be fair to the seller? Of course not. If you joined a gym but only go once a week to lift 5 pound weights for 5 minutes, can you then sue the gym for still being fat after 5 years? Think about it. The only guarantee we can make is to recommend products that have worked for others – people who have been consistent with applying the knowledge and not making excuses! We don’t need lazybones ruining our reputation with their inaction.

So, who are we?

Our names are Atanas and Mark, and we are a two-man operation who runs a group of websites cumulatively known as the Granite Network! We would describe ourselves as passionate people who love helping people and have made a hobby out of providing services and solutions to both individuals and companies. We also happen to love digital products and have a passion for recommending the good ones! You see, we believe that we live in a digital age, so there are easier and more accessible ways to solve your problems, but it does require education and knowledge!

Finally, anything else to add?

Oh yes, definitely! As young and budding entrepreneurs, we have a few other online stores and a wide range of other services that we do provide – quite a lot actually. Since it is all in your best interests, we have added them to the navigation bar for your convenience. Please do check them out.

There are two sites in particular that we would like to share with you. The first is the Granite Fitness Blog, which was one of our first projects that have helped people lose weight. Get a FREE subscription to it today!! The second is Solutions4Me, which provides customised services for specific needs – definitely worth checking out! Cheers, and all the best!