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I remember an amazing day where I was watching children at my church while the parents were at the Sunday Ceremony. There was this little girl and she was very shy. She missed her mom and she was just sitting completely still with her head down. I quickly though back to what my parents had taught me in Proper Communication. So I sat down next to her and talked with her for a little while. During all this time I used my parent’s method to help her open up to me. At first she didn’t respond to me at all, but then something clicked. It was almost a miracle and what happened next was just remarkable to me! She stood up and then sat down right in my lap. She looked up at me and smiled. I was startled! To my surprise, after that she would shared story after story with me!


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Vedic Maths Ebook Course – Calculate Sums Fast

Vedic Maths Ebook Course - Calculate Sums FastClick Image To Visit Site"Amazing mathematics breakthrough! With this SIMPLE formulayour child will master the times tables by bedtime!” Save your hard-earned Grinds fees and say goodbye to low marks forever, regardless of your child’s math skill – GUARANTEED!"

Dear Friend It’s magic. Real, practical magic. What you’re about to experience is something you may NEVER have seen before. But the positive effects are long-lasting and life-changing. In fact, I guarantee you’ll beam with pride and sleep better at night… and your child’s confidence, self-esteem and grades will soar like never before. You’ll see it in their eyes… and feel it in your heart. Almost instantly your child will begin completing homework assignments faster, while scoring higher marks again and again.

Twins Double without Trouble

Twins Double without TroubleClick Image To Visit SiteAFRAID OF HOW YOU WILL CARE FOR YOUR TWINS? Starting to panic? Desperately wondering how YOU will cope? Will your body cope? What to buy? How to feed two babies? EVERYTHING you will EVER need to know about having twins and staying SANE.. (even if you are totally overwhelmed and daunted).  Includes Information on Risks and Symptoms of Health Issues with Twin Pregnancy.

Introducing the simple ebook that could make all the difference for you and your double joy…written by mothers of twins – one, a Registered Nurse and the other, a Sleep Scientist.

Weight Loss Enigma

Weight Loss EnigmaClick Image To Visit SiteMillions of people try to take control of their weight problems by themselves but they just don’t have the knowledge required to make the best decisions.

Weight gain is a serious issue, no matter what your stage in life. It is a major health concern and can serve to shorten your life if it is not being taken care in full. Certainly, there are a large number of diet plans on the market today. Each has its strengths and weaknesses, its assets and liabilities.

Secrets of the SuperMom — Secrets of the SuperMom

Secrets of the SuperMom — Secrets of the SuperMomClick Image To Visit Siteby Christina L. Moreland What to Say to Your Demanding Child to Diffuse His Demands “Mommy, I Need My Yogurt / Vitamins / Socks On / Drink!!!!!!!!” This morning I couldn’t get three breakfasts, two lunches, pack backpacks and food for the dog ready fast enough. My 4-year-old, who had his complete breakfast in front…

by Christina L. Moreland Words are powerful! They can literally create or destroy. According to Psych Central online, Andrew Newberg, M.D. and Mark Robert Waldman, authors of Words Can Change Your Brain, say “a single word has the power to influence the expression of genes that regulate physical and emotional stress.” They say, positive words,…

Reading Without Tears

Reading Without TearsClick Image To Visit SiteWe all want the best for our children. We want them to succeed and enjoy reading. We want them to be confident and happy. Here is a way of practising reading and spelling that is short, sweet and great fun.

These games really make a difference to children’s reading fluency and to their spoken language.

Divorce Advice for Women – Divorce eBook –

Divorce Advice for Women - Divorce eBook - PrepareforDivorce.comClick Image To Visit SiteDevastated housewife of 23 years steps forward to reveal crucial divorce strategies for women strategies that can mean the difference between financial security and figuring out how you are going to survive!

Luckily, The Divorce Survival Guide for Women is complete with all the divorce advice for women needed to manage a successful and equitable settlement. Take advantage of the experience gained from other women who have gone through divorces and learn what to do to successfully Prepare for Divorce. Because, remember, in your divorce proceedings, just like in any other legal proceeding, knowledge is the key to success—knowledge is power!

Keys To Pregnancy Success

Keys To Pregnancy SuccessClick Image To Visit Site"After 7 Years Of Marriage, I Was Given One Chance To Get Pregnant… So I Developed A Plan, Conceived That Month, and had my baby in my arms, 9 Months Later.

Hello Kirstyn, Kirstyn, I would really like to thank you for the tips that you gave to me and to the millions of ladies for getting pregnant quickly. Today my husband and I are so overwhelmed with the good news that we were awaiting.

Livres expériences scientifique à faire à la maison

Livres expériences scientifique à faire à la maisonClick Image To Visit SiteVous allez voir EXACTEMENT comment réussir les expériences avec le matériel que vous avez dans votre cuisine. Comment les vidéos des expériences vont vous permettre de réaliser les BONNES MANIPULATIONS sans vous tromper ?

Vous n’êtes pas tout seul dans ce cas. La plus part des petits scientifiques pensent la même chose que vous. Ce n’est pas de votre faute.