Discover Your Larger Abilities with Virtual Viewing

Discover Your Larger Abilities with Virtual ViewingClick Image To Visit SiteAs Heard on Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell and George Noory, Fox News, and NPR and Featured in the Recent Screen Movie "Men Who Stare At Goats" with Jeff Bridges and George Clooney . . .

Over ten years ago, I took an 8-day class in "remote viewing." You know, this was the top-secret "Black Ops" program developed by the Defense Intelligence Agency in the 1970’s to create a cadre of psychic spies for the military. It was classified "Top Secret." The American military community and intelligence services wanted a way for anyone, especially ordinary people, to be able to tap into their minds and get access to "distant" information in foreign countries and the like. Now we’re told it was used by our government for more than 20 years. A little over ten years ago, the program was declassifed and the protocols revealed to the public. But did it really work?

The Angelic Realms

The Angelic RealmsClick Image To Visit Site“Are You Ready To Cross Over To The Other Side Of Existence And Once Again Connect With The Loved Ones You Have Lost So You Can Gain The Closure That You Need To Move On ?” “The Time Has Come To Open The Door To The People You So Dearly Miss So You Can Reconnect And Feel Everything You Have Lost Since The Day They Passed…” “Expert Hypnotist And Metaphysical Master Creates Program To Help Others Open The Door To The Angelic Realms And Gain The Closure Needed To Move On!”

Nearly everyone on this planet has lost someone at some point, through the inevitable event that we know as death.

Dream World

Dream WorldClick Image To Visit Site1. Have you ever woken up with a vivid dream that was either sad/happy/scary but you didn’t know what it meant exactly?

2. Do you believe that dreams carry a much deeper significance to your life because they are rooted in the creative subconscious, a plane of consciousness beyond the reach of the waking mind?

Supercharge Your Sermons Main Page

Supercharge Your Sermons Main PageClick Image To Visit SiteAll You Need Is One Scripture and One Idea and You Can Be Constructing and Preaching 100% Original Powerful Sermons in the Black Tradition!

Constructing sermons is perhaps the most time consuming and difficult job for us preachers. But you can create a system that makes it easier. Just think about the profound ultimate benefit –

Spiritual Bridge –

Spiritual Bridge -Click Image To Visit SiteMs. lnk Flow was created to motivate, inspire, and encourage others with uplifting poetry, quotes, and stories. As God guides my pen I share love, praise, and wisdom in celebration of Him.

God has given each believer a spiritual gift that He wants us to use for His glory. As a writer, my primary goal is to share my gifts with you.

Finding the One –

Finding the One -Click Image To Visit SiteMany people in today’s world have all but given up on finding "the one." They’ve settled on trying to be happy with "the one for now" or "the one until a better one comes along." Finding the One: The Lovers Guide for True Romance is a book that can hopefully change your bleak views on romance and give you renewed hope that true romance really does exist and is waiting for you.

"Finding the One: The Lovers’ Guide to True Romance" is a SpiritualBridge ebook intended to provide our readers with a definitive, God-centered guide to love, romance, and marriage. This ebook was created to help people of faith come to a deeper understanding of what marriage really means in a world that often forgets its true origin and purpose. If you often have questions about the role that romance and marriage should play in your own life, then this ebook can provide you with numerous insights that you never considered before.

Escaping Evil – God’s Justice Revealed Within World Legends –

Escaping Evil – God’s Justice Revealed Within World Legends -Click Image To Visit SiteEvil comes in many forms, and it can sometimes be difficult to recognize for what it truly is, even if we are encountering it face-to-face. Thankfully, many strong and faithful people have gone before us and faced up to the challenge. The world is replete with examples of brave souls who have used biblical principles to successfully escape evil and, in the process, reveal God’s justice to the rest of humanity.

Escaping Evil – God’s Justice Revealed Within World Legends is a book about many of these special individuals. Each chapter offers a detailed character study of someone who has faced evil and won. Combined with scriptural truth about the human struggle to overcome evil, these character studies provide the reader with lessons that they can take and apply to their own lives.

Solfeggio Sounds

Solfeggio SoundsClick Image To Visit SiteSolfeggio Sounds A sensational series of musical compositions based on ancient mathematical scales and legendary frequencies…

The six Solfeggio frequencies have been analysed by physicists and musicians. All agree that they constitute a unique interrelated series of mathematically derived electromagnetic sound frequencies. They do not correlate directly with any conventional notes within known musical scales. This has led some to suggest that the Solfeggio Sounds are derived from the mystical "Music of the Spheres" and is the basis of the legend of the "Lost Chord".

Smoke Free Power

Smoke Free PowerClick Image To Visit Site“The Time Has Come To Regain Your Health And Stop Shaving Years Off Your Life By Smoking Yourself To An Early Grave!”

"Rest Assured, After Your Exposure To This Paramount Formula Developed By The World’s Leading Hypnosis Authority, Your Mind Will Be Left With No Option But To Bring Your Smoking Habits To A Screeching Halt!"