ClickbankClick Image To Visit SiteThe pitching course that started it all. Used by over 40,000 pitchers world wide. The 90mph Club Core Program is used by more pitchers than any other pitching program ever created. Endorsed by Hall Of Famer, Goose Gossage, MLB pitching coaches Rick Honeycutt and Dave Eiland as well as Vanderbilt Pitching Coach Derek Johnson.

Paul’s favorite pitch and the easiest pitch to learn and to dominate with. The sinker is safe pitchers of all ages to throw. In this detailed course Paul will take you by the hand and give you everything you’ll need to throw a filthy sinker in no time flat.

Advanced Cutter & Slider Training – Everything you’ll ever need to know about dominating with a cutter. Most pitchers struggle with the “traditional” curveball. Know why? It’s cause you should be throwing a curve. Your arm angle probably is better suited for a cutter (or a slider).

Advanced Change Up Training is the most complete pitch training we’ve ever done. In this training you are getting 8 videos that include the Advantages of the Change, Change Up Grips, Getting Outs w/ the Change, Drills, and much more!

New Rules Of Pitching is a video based training program. Watching this program is simple and easy. You can either stream video from our membership area, download it to your PC or mobile device or choose the DVD option below.

Legendary Pitching Instructor Brent Strom takes you step by step through every facet of the curveball. He tackles advanced concepts of release point, strategy and advanced grips and also takes on the tough subjects of who should throw a curveball and when. You cannot miss this course. Read more…