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Discover the Secrets to having the Elk Hunt of a Lifetime!

Elk Hunting Guide Rocky Mountain - Rocky Mountain Elk GuideClick Image To Visit SiteMy name’s Chuck and in just a moment I am going to share with you the secrets to having that Elk Hunt that you will never forget. Imagine……the elk hunting trip is approaching fast and you are sitting in your easy chair feeling confident and ready to go…..

Let’s face it, preparation is key to any trip you take. And Elk hunting is no exception………… Set out unprepared and you could be asking for trouble.

I’ve been an elk hunter, packer and guide for over 15 years and I’ve seen so many elk hunters come with high expectations and leave with them dashed.

I finally decided that it was time to share what I knew so I could help as many elk hunters as possible be able to experience an elk hunt without all the frustration.

A childhood dream of elk hunting in the Rocky Mountains became a reality for me in the fall of 1994. As a young hunter growing up in southern Alabama, I had read every article and magazine that I could get my hands on about hunting elk in the Rocky Mountains.

I lived out those experiences page by page, gaining valuable knowledge from those fortunate enough to be able to hunt these magnificent animals.

My family and I actually moved to Steamboat Springs, Colorado in the winter of 1993 and as soon as I could take the hunter safety course and wait out the required one year of residency,

I soon became friends with the local outfitters and learned everything I could about the Rocky Mountains and hunting elk.

For the next 15 years, I hunted, packed and professionally guided elk hunters in the Colorado Rocky Mountains…………..and learned a lot…………….much of it the hard way.

It was time……………..time to put… Read more…