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ACCELERATE YOUR RESULTS Discover the 6 pillars to accelerate your results. A high protein diet is an essential part of you building massive muscle, but it is only one small part to accelerating your results. Protein also creates an acidic environment in your body, which pulls glutamine from your muscle and breaks down your muscle. You definitely don’t want that. There is 1 key pillar to preventing this and boosting your recovery and muscle growth.

STRIP AWAY BELLY FAT Lose your gut for good and unveil your washboard stomach with our powerful 12-week program that includes 3 powerful strength-training programs, a shirt-busting 12-week lat program, and ab-training tips from the underground for a flat belly.

Oh, and I almost forgot our Guerrilla Cardio Program.  Follow this program and your 6-pack will be showing through in no time at all.

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Eat the wrong foods at the wrong times, and you’ll trigger the hormones that store fat and force you to always be looking… Read more…