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HomeNew - Teaching TeacherClick Image To Visit SiteIntroducing the best practices of effective teaching. Finally an ebook that addresses classroom management style and academic achievement. Whether you need first grade classroom management tips or effective teaching strategies for large lectures…

I am sure that you got into the teaching profession for all the right reasons. Maybe it was a love for children, or the chance for a fulfilling career that goes beyond a simple paycheck, or maybe just the chance to have an impact on the future of our society.

Your reasons for becoming a teacher are noble to say the least. Unfortunately, if you’re like most teachers, you find yourself focusing most of your attention on classroom management issues rather than on teaching, and you now realize that all those college courses didn’t quite prepare you for teaching in the real world.

The problem is that while teachers enter the profession filled with great ideas, they find it extremely difficult to implement those ideas due to classroom management issues.

The truth is, your classroom management style and academic achievement are more than just a little connected.

Let me make this point perfectly clear: There is a definite and direct correlation between classroom management style and academic achievement. If you are having problems with classroom management, then your students will certainly have low academic achievement scores. And, the end result is that you will not succeed as a teacher.

In response to classroom management problems, teachers immediately start to resort to “management” plans. They assign seats, give detention, and come up with elaborate systems of rewards and punishments.

These types of classroom management plans are not truly effective. They are temporary solutions to ongoing problems.

The fact is in order to succeed as a teacher you must combine classroom management with methodology in the best… Read more…