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Hormone Trick Melts Fat - Gene X Weight LossClick Image To Visit SiteIf you believe what you hear in the media, the only reason people gain weight is because they eat too much and don’t exercise enough.

See, in actual fact, studies are now showing that your weight has FAR more to do with the timing of your meals.

You probably know by now that even when you eat healthy and exercise it’s still almost impossible to get the beautiful, slim, sexy body you want and deserve.

Cutting edge scientific research has now proven that people can eat most of their favorite foods AND stay slim, toned and beautiful, as long as they do it at certain times of the day.

Because eating these foods strategically will strongly influence the 4 hormones below that really determine your body weight.

These 4 hormones ultimately decide if the calories accumulate on your belly, hips, thighs, arms or…whether those nutrients fuel your brain, your energy or your muscles instead.

See, these powerful metabolic female hormones inside your body act as the decision-making committee when it comes to your body fat levels, energy, libido and cognitive performance.

And the good news is that these hormones can be tweaked to tune up your metabolism, enhance your energy, improve your memory, eradicate cellulite and boost your libido with a unique meal-timing method I’m about to share with you!

It’s the very same method of "timing my meals strategically" that I used at 47 years of age to torch 27 pounds of fat, flatten my belly, balance my hormones and get my love life back!

And this isn’t something anyone’s seen before. In fact here is the only place you can read about this unique timing method; it’s never been revealed anywhere else.

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