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The door nearly exploded off its hinges as Raymond entered and slammed the spare room door to sleep after yet another night of senseless arguing. Ann had tried to be reasonable, but what could a woman do when she couldn’t reason with her husband because he wouldn’t accept the fact that there really was a problem?

She spent the next couple of hours cleaning up what was left of the dinner and the broken plate from the kitchen floor; crying alone into her glass of wine and wondering where everything went wrong before going to bed alone and crying herself to sleep – again!

Her last thoughts before finally getting to sleep as always were “this isn’t a marriage any more”

As far as Ann was concerned, her marriage to Raymond was over and all chances of recovering what was once a loving and sexual relationship seemed lost.

But before she announced to him that they were through she decided that she had to prove to herself (and Raymond) that she had tried everything in her power to fix the relationship.

Even if Raymond wouldn’t accept that their sexless marriage had ended the relationship; she wasn’t going down without a fight…

Thousands of questions filled her head, where did it all go wrong? Am I to blame? Has he stopped loving me? Is he seeing someone else? What about the children? And so many more.

The fact that Ann really wasn’t willing to give up even though Raymond was unresponsive to the whole thing was the main factor in them being able to salvage their marriage.

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