Targeted Sidebar RSS News Feeds for Better SEO

Related RSS lets you put a unique RSS news feed on every page or post of your site using the TAGS.

Targeted Sidebar RSS News Feeds for Better SEOClick Image To Visit SiteSEO Experts know that one great way to add fresh, ever-changing content to your WordPress blog is to use an RSS feed widget in your sidebar.

If you add a feed from another site or a news source that is related to your site’s topic, you’ll get new, fresh content automatically.

Relevance is Google’s highest value, because if the search you do doesn’t bring up pages that are relevant to what you want, you’ll go look elsewhere for the information, and you’ll stop being a pair of eyeballs that Google can profit from.

And on your website, you want the content on each page to be RELEVANT to the topic of the page. That way, Google knows without a shadow of a doubt what your page is about…and what keywords it should rank you on page one for.

The more fresh, updated, and relevant content on your website — and on each page — the better. So, what you really want are RSS feeds that are RELEVANT to the pages you put them on.

That means, on your sports site, every feed will have articles about the same miscellaneous sports stories, even though what you REALLY want is for your baseball pages to have stories about baseball, and your football pages to have stories about football, and your soccer pages to have stories about soccer.

2. SEO experts (even post Panda) suggest site owners add relevant sidebar rss news feeds to generate fresh “activity” on the site…

THOUSANDS of news organizations and websites syndicate their content via RSS because they want traffic to their sites. One of the biggest of which is Google News

Do you think Google would prefer that you have the same exact sidebar RSS content on every single page?

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