The Funeral Planning Checklist… A guide to planning a funeral service event

This is the complete Funeral Planning Checklist. It has every detail you will need to know about when planning a funeral for yourself or your loved ones. This guide will save you money and provie you peace of mind.

The Funeral Planning Checklist... A guide to planning a funeral service eventClick Image To Visit SiteHow to save hundreds, maybe thousands by planning correctly How to plan so that your loved ones are left with no large financial or emotional decisions to make on your behalf. Which estate planning documents are neccessary and what purpose they serve How to enlist the benefits of a person who has served in the military The list of documents needed to make any funeral arrangements run smoother You will learn about the business of Funeral Homes so that you can distinguish between something that is really valuable and something that is just a sales pitch A guide for loved ones that will make the estate planning settlement process more organized and positive How or why not to consider a Pre-Paid Funeral plan The list goes on… The benefits to you and your loved ones do to. Testimonials on the Funeral Planning Checklist: "This handbook was a God send. Things were so much easier, especially for his children who had never been through this before. Other family members tried to influence the children to change what he wanted but because it was in writing, we were able to follow his wishes even before he passed away. We are so grateful that even the details of his clothing choice were already made. Everything was done for us." – L. Price "This is a powerful book that was painstakenly put together to help people when they are most vulnerable… When they are emotional. Reading this before you actually need these services will prepare you tenfold." – Jesus Ramirez

Why do I need a Funeral Planning Checklist? There are more than 80 tasks to be done when a loved one passes away. By completing your Funeral Planning Checklist, you will have relieved and minimized the burdens left to your loved ones. When faced with… Read more…